Texas Co-op Power Magazine Drone LiDAR

Texas Co-op Power Magazine Drone LiDAR

Texas Drone Professionals and McCord Engineering were recently featured in Texas Co-op Power Magazine for our work in the electric utility industry. McCord Engineering uses our services to collect and process dense LiDAR data, high-quality photos, and NDVI imagery; all for analysis on their customer’s data.

Texas Drone Professionals collects 700,000 laser records per second. We offer you the world in 3D, at whatever density you want. We can classify, remove trees and structures for bare earth modeling, topographicals, all variations of DEMs, line of sight and flood analysis. Once we have the data, we can produce anything you can think of from the model.

Texas Drone Professionals has made great advances in vegetation analysis data collection and processing techniques that allow us to bring truly one-of-a-kind deliverables to our customers. If you need specific plant health areas filtered out of large pieces of data, we can do that for you. Contact us for more information on our NDVI vegetation analysis.

McCord Engineering has revolutionized the electric utility line design and maintenance processes. Their customers benefit from the most accurate data their industry has to offer and the most advanced line engineering anywhere. We are proud to be a part of this process with them.

Texas Drone Professionals offers LiDAR collection and data processing. Jobs in terrible or otherwise unsafe areas can now be completed from the air, out of the way of trouble. Multi-sensor packages are available for collecting a variety of data types simultaneously. In addition to collecting the data, Texas Drone Professionals can process that data for you and hand you a deliverable you can use. If raw data is what you are after, we can host large files online, safely, for you to download at your convenience.

With Texas Drone Professionals, the choice is yours.

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