Electric Utilities

Texas Drone Professionals recently changed to UAS Global Services to create the most modern and accurate system mapping and data analysis package for both public electric utilities and electric co-ops alike. We fly distribution or transmission using: LiDAR (3D laser scanner), photo, video, FLIR (thermal infrared) and NDVI (near infrared for vegetation analysis). UAS Global Services […]

Drone Surveying

With drone surveying, UAS Global Services can collect high-density LiDAR data used to create a 3D model. Data can be delivered to you in the form of topographical maps, point clouds, cross sections and mosaics; in a variety of file formats. This is especially helpful in hard-to-reach locations. [Disclaimer: We are not licensed or certified surveyors/engineers. We […]

Sample Drone Data

Sample drone data from several jobs we’ve flown can be found below. You will find engineering, survey, and inspection data in this section. Our years of experience flying drones and our persistence to stay ahead of technology have allowed us to develop technology specific to certain industries that give us an edge. We […]

LiDAR penetration through trees, even with elevation changes, is another very practical application for our drone LiDAR services. This patch outside Austin changes 150ft in elevation over 1000ft. Fully treed, we were able to get an excellent bare-earth model and exceed customer requirements. This particular terrain […]
Texas Drone Professionals is now UAS Global Services! For more information, please visit UAS-GS.com
MEI has worked collaboratively with TDP for the last several years to develop the most powerful geospatial data collection, mapping, aerial inspection capabilities available to the electric utility industry.  This integration of TDP into the MEI organization demonstrates the firm’s commitment to implementing the most advanced […]